Hi Everyone,
As a small child I always used to enjoy visiting my Grandad because he had a telescope. He would try to teach me about the solar system and astronomy and I would spend evenings looking for the different  constellations. I wish I had listened more!
Why not take this unusual time to learn more about our solar system?
The cbeebies stargazing has lots of really good information and activities. I've learned lots from this site already.
NASA has lots of images you can check out.
www.popastro.org has information on how to get started.
Did you know we have our own school astronomy expert - Mr Venn? He is going to put up some astronomy facts and questions for you in the next few weeks. So keep looking at the school website. Share with your teachers what you have found out, or even seen!
From Mrs WB

Check out Winchester Science centre below. 

If you would like a paper copy of any information found on the website please contact info@moorlandsprimary.net