Bumblebees Class 

Butser Ancient Farm Trip!

Bumblebees were very lucky to visit Butser Ancient Farm and see reconstructed homes and take part in 4 workshops to help them learn more about the Anglo Saxons.

We had to be archaeologists and excavate for artefacts - we found some amazing objects! 

Just like Anglo Saxon children would have done we had the chance to try spinning wool - it was very tricky and a bit smelly!  

Admire our rings too! 

Jubilee Fun!

To celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, we made some crowns, flags and placemats for our jubilee lunch party. We also got to perform our song Eye of the Tiger which we have been practicing a lot! In the afternoon we learnt about Democracy as this is one of the British Values. We got to share everything we learnt with other children around the school. Take a look at our red, white and blue outfits!


Roman Day in Bumblebees!

To celebrate the end of our Roman topic we enjoyed the opportunity to dress up as a Roman and take part in different activities, such as making a laurel wreath headdress, creating a mosaic, learning Roman numerals, drawing a Roman soldier and eating some foods that Romans may have liked to - what a busy day! 


Fishbourne Roman Palace Trip!

During our trip we were able to learn about the palace from the artefacts in the museum and complete the quiz to help us read the information carefully.
Bumblebees have begun their Roman topic by visiting Fishbourne Roman Palace.
We were all very impressed by the mosaics and enjoyed looking for animals in some of the designs.
We all had great fun and learnt so much from the Roman Life workshop. The activities we could enjoy were role playing in a Roman kitchen, spinning lamb's wool, creating our own mosaics, playing Roman games, writing our names using Roman letters, puzzles and building a bridge. We all got to dress up as Roman slaves and two of us became a king and a queen!

Walking with my Iguana

As part of our English unit in Performance Poetry, we have been practicing and performing the poem Walking with my Iguana.

We spent a couple of lessons practicing and text marking to identify which words might need actions, emphasis or different voices/pace. The children really enjoyed this poem and we have gone on to write our own poems all about chocolate!

Check out our performance below!

Superhero Day!

On Tuesday Bumblebees had the most exciting day ever! We got to dress up as a superhero that we had invented ourselves! We created our costumes as part of our Topic homework and then we did some special superhero jobs at school! 

We started off by looking at a timeline of comic books, we discovered when our favourite superheroes were first invented! We then had our very own fashion parade in the hall with Dragonflies to show off our amazing costumes.

In the afternoon we did some Superhero PE (Superhero Simon Says!) and we designed our own superhero masks which we are going to make using felt later on in the half term.

Have a look at our amazing costumes below!