Year 2

Medieval Challenge Day!

After completing their challenge set by Sir Percival, Year 2 were rewarded with a day full of medieval fun! The day started with a royal welcome in the hall with all of the children dressed up. Butterflies then enjoyed the first activity of the day, where they all made a loaf of bread. Throughout the day, the children weaved a placement, planted some bulbs and participated in some medieval games (including a competitive game of tug of war!)

After lunch, the children had their banquet and were once again joined by Sir Percival. Together they ate the bread that they made earlier and danced in groups to classic medieval music. Overall the day was a great success, with the children writing a newspaper report about the day the following week.  

Manor Farm

Year 2 went on a school trip to Manor Farm to learn all about the life of a Victorian. The children had a go at using a mangle to rinse out their clothes, completed some household chores (such as emptying out the toilet!) and had a look at all of the food in the pantry. 

We also visited the Victorian school and were able to experience an English lesson. We found out that Victorian teachers were very strict back then and they had very different punishments - luckily it was only the teachers that got told off! After, we were able to play with some Victorian games that they would have had at lunchtime. 

Finally, we learnt all about Victorian farms. We were allowed to turn the tractor engine on as well as feed some of the animals! 

Grounds Week

This week Butterflies have been using the grounds to learn about all things bird! We started the week off with some bird watching in the Year 2 area, recording our results as we went. We spotted some pigeons, seagulls, magpies and blackbirds.

To encourage more birds to visit, we also made our own bird feeders. We hung them in the year 2 garden so that we can have more feathered friends! We have even created our own Powerpoint presentations about our favourite bird.

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