Meet the Teacher
If you missed the meeting or were unable to attend, the presentation from Miss Abbott is below.


Year 2

Year 2 had so much fun exploring the ways of life of medieval knights, nobles and royalty. We made (and ate) bread, designed our own coat of arms, weaved placemats, learned how to do a medieval dance and even played medieval games!
Take a look at what we got up to below...


To start the day we designed our own bread. We found out that bread was eaten during medieval times but we made our breads even tastier, adding cheese, chocolate or raisins (Yum!)  

After making our bread we found out all about coats of arms. We now know what they are for and found out about what different colours, animals and symbols represent. This helped us design our own!

One of our favourite parts of the day was the medieval dancing! This was so much fun especially when the music got faster and we had to keep up!

We had to concentrate really hard to weave our placemats for our banquet.

Food fit for a king! The bread we made for our banquet was delicious and lots of us tried every flavour. There were only crumbs left after the big bread feast! 

Medieval Challenge Day