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Bumblebees Class 

50 Things - Litter Pick in the Community

As part of our 50 things to do before we leave Moorlands, we completed a litter pick in the community.

The children did an amazing job at clearing up the litter and they really enjoyed making it safer for people and animals.

We were shocked by just how much litter there was - we filled 3 bags!

Final Straw Plastic Pollution Workshop

This week the charity Final Straw came to Year 3 and spoke to us about plastic pollution and the effect it can have on the sea. We were all shocked by how long it takes for plastic to biodegrade and how it impacts on animals. 
We all had the opportunity to sieve sand taken from local beaches and to sort the plastic  - we were amazed by what gets left at the beach!
It was a brilliant session ahead of our litter pick later in the week. 

Natural History Museum Workshop!

Bumblebees got the chance to speak to some real scientists who work at the Natural History Museum in London! 

He taught us all about effusive and eruptive volcanoes and how we can tell the difference.

The children showed off how much knowledge they had remembered from our Volcano unit in Autumn Term - even after all this that time! The scientists were so impressed with the childrens' questions and knowledge.

We went through several stages of Volcano training and we managed to save Volcanotown! 


Animating Bumblebees!

The children worked in groups of 3 to create a short animation. They needed to draw pictures, capture the pictures using a tablet and then the app we used puts the frames together to make the short animation.

All of the children showed great creativity with their pictures (we even had a stickman jumping into a pool and making a huge splash!).


They also worked incredibly well together; making sure to share the jobs that needed to be done and they enjoyed watching their animations.

It was a super lesson and everyone did so well! We can't wait to see what the children come up with for their own animations in a few weeks time!

Bitterne Library Trip!

Bumblebees have managed to cross another experience off of their Moorlands 50 things - visiting a library!
Everyone enjoyed listening to a story read by the librarian, learning how they can join the library, exploring the books and especially some time to read their book back at school.