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Year 3

Butser Farm Visit

Dragonflies had an amazing visit to Butser Ancient Farm to learn more about Anglo Saxon times. During the day they dug for artefacts like an archaeologist, helped build a wall using materials that Anglo Saxons would have used, made jewellery and compared the homes of Anglo Saxons to a Roman villa. 

Anglo Saxon Brooches
As part of our Anglo Saxon day we designed a brooch using ideas from the time of Anglo Saxons.
We then investigated changing the shape of clay before making our brooch. We had to keep our hands wet as the clay dried quickly in the hot weather! 


Author Visitor for Dragonflies! 

Stephen Pass shared his new book with us, how he works with the illustrator and the writing process he goes through to plan, write and edit his work.


Space Race!

Dragonflies were so pleased to win the Space Race this week1 This means we were the class in our phase that had the most children read 4 or more times. Our reward is a hamper of books for the week - we have loved sharing these new books but need to win the hamper again so we can finish reading these fabulous books!
                            Let's keep reading!!

Litter Picking!

Dragonflies have ticked another activity off the 50 Things to do Before You leave Moorlands - they have been on a community litter pick.  The children thoroughly enjoyed picking up the litter in the community around school but also felt disappointed by how much there was! 

Final Straw Visitors

This week the charity Final Straw came to Year 3 and spoke to us about plastic pollution and the effect it can have on the sea. We were all shocked by how long it takes for plastic to biodegrade and how it impacts on animals. 
We all had the opportunity to sieve sand taken from local beaches and to sort the plastic  - we were amazed by what gets left at the beach!
It was a brilliant session ahead of our litter pick later in the week. 

We have pledged to help protect the beaches and seas. 

Kelly Simm's Visit
We were so lucky to have a gymnast called Kelly Simm come to our school this week. She encouraged us during our sponsored activities and then inspired us by showing some of the skills that she has performed in competitions around the world. We all thought she was amazing and listened to how she explained it is hard work, not giving up, concentration , pushing herself and trying new things that has helped her to succeed  - our secrets of success!!!

World Book Day

Dragonflies loved being in their PJs for a day at school and enjoyed lots of time reading!
They especially enjoyed the Book Scavenger Hunt, designing a book voucher, creating a book character mask and starting their 48 hour read! 

Volcano Workshop

Dragonflies had an exciting opportunity to revisit and extend their learning abut volcanoes during a workshop led by the Natural History Museum.
The workshop leader was so impressed by what they already knew and how engaged everyone was.


Dragonflies were very excited to have time with Christina Balit - the author of Escape From Pompeii. We have used this book for writing adventure stories in English.
Dragonflies wrote a letter to Christina Balit asking tips for writing and explaining that we have used our book in our learning. It was fantastic that she answered so many of our questions and mentioned many of us by name as she was so impressed with our writing. 


              Animating Dragonflies!
The children worked in groups of 3 to create a short animation. They needed to draw pictures, capture the pictures using a tablet and then the app would put the frames together to make the animation.
All the children showed creativity with their pictur
es, amazing teamwork in sharing the tasks that needed to do be completed and enjoyed watching their animations!
It was a super lesson! Well done everyone!


                Author Visit
(and sending a letter - another thing to tick off our 50 things to do)

50 things to do at Moorlands - 
         Visit the local library!
Dragonflies crossed another experience off the 50 things to do at Moorlands today. They visited Bitterne Library and could even borrow a book!
Everyone enjoyed listening to a story read by the librarian, learning how they can join the library, exploring the books and especially some time to read their book back at school. 


Dragonflies had an amazing time at Fishbourne Roman Palace and enjoyed seeing the mosaics, exploring the gardens, looking at the artefacts in the museum and learning about Roman life in the workshop.

It was wonderful for the children to learn more about Roman life as well as 'tick off' visit a museum from our 50 things to do at Moorlands! 


50 Things - Visit a Museum!


We learnt all about how Fishbourne Palace was discovered and what would have looked like before the mysterious fire and who historians think would have lived there.

Dragonflies completed a museum challenge and quiz which meant they had to look carefully at the artefacts and exhibits. Everyone though the mosaics were incredible and that the palace owner would have been important and very rich!