Bumblebees Class 

Bumblebees are saving the planet!

When arriving at school on Friday we were so upset to find lots of litter on our school field. Mr Venn asked us to help him clean it up. We were so cross about the littering that we decided that we needed to do something about it. We needed to get the message out to world. We need to make a change! There is no Planet B. We must look after the one we have. We have spent the last two weeks writing letters to the future generations telling them to make a change, look after our planet and respect our animals and wildlife. 




When Bumblebees became Romans.....


Today was the day for Bumblebees to take on their new roles...Roman soldiers! Everyone looked amazing in their costumes and the children's shields they made for their homework were incredible!

We spent our day learning about different events in Roman history, how the soldiers fought in battles, the weapons they used and we also looked at our English text Escape from Pompeii!

Have a look at our amazing costumes and shields below. Some of the children also showed off their best battle faces, hopefully they don't scare you too much!!

Science Day in Year 3!

Today we had a whole day dedicated to our new Science topic.....Rocks!! We learnt so many amazing new facts and we even got given a special challenge to do at the end of the day!


we learnt all about fossils and how they are formed and about mary anning.

we also conducted some experiments to learn about the properties of the different rocks!

the natural history museum sent us this special letter setting us a challenge - to be fossil hunters! we had to excavate the gems from the ice and investigate if there were any fossils in there!

Christmas Party Time!

We had such a good time celebrating Christmas in Bumblebees Class this year! From making our own cards, hats and placemats for our Christmas dinner to having some fun in Elfie's photo booth! Here are some pictures from our Christmas week at school!


The daily adventures of Elfie....

When Bumblebees arrived in class on the 1st of December, there was a visitor there to greet them! We decided to name him Elfie and we couldn't wait to see what he had got up to overnight each day! He was so impressed with the children's behaviour all through December that he left them a little treat on the last day, have a look at his adventures!


When Bumblebees became superheroes...

It all started as a normal Thursday at Moorlands, that was until Bumblebees Class arrived! We had a 'super' day looking at the history of comic books and how they have changed over time.

In English we have been creating our own characters and plots for our very own comic books! On Superhero Day it was a bit different however, because we were the superheroes this time! We wrote our comic books all about our superheroes we had dressed up as and created some amazing plots! 

Have a look at our amazing costumes for Superhero Day!


Even Mrs Spacagna dressed up at home!



Bumblebees have been doing some amazing artwork this term which has involved learning how to draw people. 

We used 'beans and sausages' to draw the joints and parts of the body. 

Have a look at some of the children's own poses that they created and drew using our new method!


When Bumblebees became Literary Heroes.....

Today we did the impossible. Today we took our learning to new realms of possibilities. Today we became literary heroes and used magic to travel inside non-fictions books based around Bumblebees to immerse ourselves in the text. It wasn't without risk but we were up to the challenge lead by our Bumblebee chief! 


After we all become experts on all there is to know about Bumblebees, we used our knowledge to write our own non chronological reports about Bumblebees!

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

We had lots of fun during our first week in Bumblebees Class; getting to know each other and talking all about our goals and aspirations for Year 3!

We created our class charter as well as our playground charter and we all promised to follow these rules that we created. We chose our secrets of success and demonstrated exactly how we were going to achieve them.

We also took our first photos in Year 3, take a look at Bumblebees Class for 2020-2021!