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Year 1

New Newts class

Our Trip to Marwell Zoo!

This half term year 1 have been exploring animals including humans.

They have been busy identifying, classifying and researching different animals.

To build on their knowledge of different animals, their features and to tick off one of our moorlands 50 things we went on a trip to Marwell zoo!

Mama Panya’s Pancakes!

Our new book for this term focusses on a Kenyan market.

To immerse the children into the story we held our own Kenyan market in class.

The children were able to explore a range of ingredients such as, spices and fruits.

Foods around the world- DT!

Leading up to our pizzeria, year 1 have been exploring foods from around the globe.

Whilst researching China, we were lucky enough to have home cooked Chinese food tasting afternoon.

We were able to try new and exciting foods and even used chopsticks.

Year 1 Science Dome

For our weather topic this term, we have been exploring climates around the world.

We have been fortunate enough to have a visit from explorer dome. They showed us different parts of the world including the rainforest, desert and Antarctica.

The children enjoyed exploring the dry ice and smells of our world.

Year 1 Pirate Day!

newts class silly photo.PNG

Year 1 had our pirate day and it was a day full of adventure.
They worked as a team to solve hidden pirate clues and even walked the plank!
We are very proud of them for being such crazy pirates!

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