Phoenix One

Find the kryptonite!
To exchange for water balloons
We started the day by creating our own junk model Superhero tech. Some made weapons, others made shields and some made hi tech gadgets!
We then used ink to print a superhero logo.
It was a bit messy. Don't tell Ms Thorne or Mr Venn!!!!!
Chocolate Day!
We started our day with chocolate tasting. Dark, white and milk. We looked at the differences and talked about how they were made. Some of the reactions were expected.
We were very surprised, however, that Milk chocolate was the least popular. White chocolate came second and the most popular was dark!!!!!!!!!
We planned and carried out a science experiment to change the shape of chocolate chips.
We were archaeologists. Delicately removing chips from cookies!
We finished the day with a beautiful cup of hot chocolate.
The Amazon rain forest produces 20% of the world's oxygen.
The canopy layer can be 100ft deep and rain can take 10 minutes to work its way through.
There are 4 layers to the rain forest and different animals and birds live in each.
Animals of the Rain forest
Pollination Game
The children pretended to be bees and an around the playground collect nectar from the many flowers (orange juice from cups!) with a pipette. They then had do deposit the nectar into their hive and go again. The quickest team won!
Phoenix Obstacle Course
We decided to brighten up the obstacle course in our woods by painting the tyres- meet Lady, Bumble, Wide-eyes, Buzz and Teary-eyes!
Yoga in the woods
What a great way to start the day!
Soap Carving
What would you design?
The children were challenged to build a raft that would keep a paper whale dry while floating in water for 5 minutes.