Moorlands Primary Staff

Welcome to Moorlands Primary School website.

My name is Caroline Potter and I am the Headteacher of this magnificent school. 

We hope that this website will help you find out a little bit about life here at Moorlands and find out some of the most important information.  We hope that you will find all the information that you are looking for, but if not, please feel free to contact the school directly with any queries that you may have.

We also use our website to celebrate all the exciting and wonderful learning and achievements that have been happening through the term.  I am so proud of all our children and their special qualities that I like it to be showcased on our website.  Furthermore the staff constantly astound me at how hard they work to make Moorlands the very best it can be and I want the website to share their great efforts as well.  

We hope you have fun navigating the site.  Get clicking and be amazed at what goes on in a school day! 


Thank you for visiting! 

Caroline Potter


Mrs Wright
Assistant Head
Mrs Ross
Assistant Head
Miss Roughton
SENCO and Teacher
Miss Nash
Acting Phase Leader - Early Years
Mrs Brown
Mrs Hepburn
Mrs Rudd
Mrs Jenks
Mrs Khan
Mrs Ronnie
Year One
Mrs Cook
Mrs Goddard
Miss Harley
Mr Atkins
Mrs Llewelyn
Phase leader - Years 1 and 2
Miss  Krajczewski
Year Two
Miss Buckfield
Mrs Aygun
Mrs Seaman
Ms Berman
Miss Stevens
Mrs Spacagna
Year Three
Miss Perkins
Miss Asher
Miss Caldwell-Holmes
Miss Waring
Phase leader - Year 3 and 4
Mrs Tubbs
Mrs Baker
Year Four
Mr Heelas
Mrs Nash
Miss Oliver
Mr Hart
Mrs Venn
Year Five
Miss Saunders
Mrs Whittingstall-Bean
Mrs Bell
Mr Turner
Phase Leader -
Year 5 and 6
Mrs Gowans
Year Six
Mr Cunningham
Mrs Allen
Mrs Pritchard
Miss Wallaya
Mr Curtis
Mrs Deadman-Rose
Mrs Pfeiffer
Phase Leader
Mrs Harrison
Miss Clark
Mrs Hartley
Mr Venn
Miss Thorne
Mrs Bovey
Mr Kill
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