Year 4

Looking after our neighbours

Woodpeckers decided to plant bulbs in pots for the local neighbours. They then walked as a class and dropped off the pots on the doorsteps of local houses. In total they gave out more than 50 pots. We received 7 thank you cards and emails from some of the the happy neighbours. The children were very proud that they had cheered people up with their good deed.


It’s nice to make others happy

Digestive system


After the children learnt about the digestive system in science they became active learners by creating their own digestive system with a plastic bag, tights, orange juice, crackers and cups to represent the body and food. There was lots of laughter and learning during the session .

The best science lesson ever.
It was so messy but such great fun.

Everyone was smiling throughout the session.

Egyptian tomb break in


It all started with an Egyptian workshop with Andy from the Southampton museums. The children had great fun and lots and lots including some gruesome facts about mummification.  After the children had learnt some historical facts about the Ancient Egyptians they were able to break into the tomb. All the children made a great effort in dressing up for the part. They then made Canopic jars and scarab beetles from clay and mummified oranges!

Fungi investigation



Woodpeckers carried out a science investigation. They wanted to find out what was the most common fungi in the school grounds. Identifying them all was quite tricky but they found some amazing specimens. They even used their statistics to produce some excellent maths. During the week they also sketched fungi and set up their own fungus garden experiment.


Woodpeckers love gardening, they have planted 100s of bulbs in the school grounds and hope to see a carpet of bluebells in the woods later in the year. They have planted lots of pot which is part of  a surprise for later! Woodpeckers have two raised bed outside their classroom which they are looking after including the planting of garlic. They plan to make garlic bread when its ready to harvest.


For one of their 100 marble treats Woodpeckers used a knot book to learn how to tie different knots. Some worked in pairs whilst others worked independently. They found it both fascinating and frustrating but persevered and were very proud of their knot work. I think they created their own unique knots too!


Let’s go fly a kite

At the beginning of the new term team building was really important therefore the children took part in a kite workshop. They worked with their Learning partner to make a kite each. The kite expert told them lots of facts about the history of kite flying and all the different kites. Then the fun began when they went outside and watched them fly! The best bit was they got to take them home.

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