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Year 4

First Marble Treat...
A Teddy Bear's Picnic !


Eye can't believe what I'm seeing!

To end our Dragon Unit, Year 4 applied many artistic skills to construct their own dragon eyes! We placed a strong focus on creating a range of textures through molding air-drying clay to create a range of shapes to place on clay base to assemble a 3D piece of art! Everyone demonstrated patience, resilience and enjoyment throughout the lesson; and the end results were eye-catching! 

Feast your eye's on these wonderful creations for yourself below! 

Meet the Teacher Presentation

To jump start our electricity unit for Science, Woodpeckers were worked scientifically by raising questions about electrical appliances. To get them hooked, we spent some time taking a practical approach, allowing the children to play with different games and toys that require electrical power. This allowed them to discuss what each game was made of, how it was powered, how was it safe for us to use and what would happen if there was no power. Needless to say, it was a shocking sensation! 


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