Year 2 Home Learning

Hello Year 2!

We hope you are keeping safe and well! We are so sad that we haven't been able to have you all back at school safely yet...

We miss you and are proud of you for being superstars at home!   If you have any questions or want to share what you have done with us, please email Miss Llewellyn or Miss Buckfield at 

We are here for you! 

Home Learning Star of the Week!
We've been sent in some amazing learning over the weeks and would love to celebrate the amazing things you have done. I wonder who it'll be next week? Send your work into and it could be you! 
This week:

Butterflies Star!


Ladybirds Star!


Remember that its really important to keep yourself safe when working online. Click on the picture to learn more. 

BBC Bitesize Book Club

Click on the link below to take part in the BBC 

Bitesize Book Club!  This time, the focus book is:

George's Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl. This is another book that Miss Llewellyn loves!

Would you Rather by John Burningham
This is one of Miss Llewellyn's favourite books! Listen to the story a couple of times and enjoy it first... 
Which was your favourite page?  Did you find any of the choices really hard?! 
Read these and see if you can finish the last one! 
Can you write and illustrate your own page for the book?
Take the challenge and write a new page each day! Don't forget to send your work in to
Would you rather have a bath in baked beans or jelly? 
Would you rather sneeze cheese or cry chocolate-flavoured tears?
Would you rather... 
BBC Bitesize
For those who would like daily challenges, BBC Bitesize has lots!
It is super important to continue practicing your handwriting.  This week we would like you to focus on tricky words! 
Press the rainbow to find them.
Just like we normally start our maths lessons, can you answer 4 speedy maths questions a day?
At Moorlands, we follow the White Rose scheme for Maths and they have kindly provided some great video lessons and activities for your children. All of the lessons are recaps of learning that we have already completed in class throughout the year and therefore your child could have a go independently. 
There are some great games to play:
Don't forget your times tables! You can use TT Rockstars to help your recall facts too!
We have also put some games on Bug Club for you to play.
Can you complete the castle and become the king/queen?
Think about which suffix makes sense - did it happen yesterday/today/tomorrow?
Write a newspaper
report about the
Imagine you are a  news reporter during the time of the Titanic Disaster! Write a recount of what happened! Think about how to interest the reader with a headline!
Use the mind map to help you plan your report. Think about the order of the events.


Bug Club.png
You can still use the books on Bug Club. Try to read for at least 10 minutes, twice a day! Use the link. 
aRTs hub for kids! 

This is a brilliant Youtube channel that teaches you how to draw lots of amazing things! It's really simple to follow and you will be proud of your outcome! Send us in some of your pictures and we will put them up here for your friends to see! 

As usual - make sure you ask your parents before using Youtube! (also available on Kidstube) 

Education City
We are so excited for all the interactive fun you can now have on education city. There are some Maths and English games for you on there! Click an icon to go to the site.


Try out this game on BBC Bitesize to practice lots of sounds we have learnt this year! 

This week we are going to revisit the 'igh' trigraph!  Click on the links below to learn and practice reading and writing words with this sound! 

Practice writing one-armed robot letters! 

Alphabet Charts and Diagraph and Trigraph Mats

At Moorlands we use Alphabet Charts and Diagraph and Trigraph mats as a table top resource. These help us lots with our writing across the curriculum!

These are also useful to help children with their homelearning. Please click on links below to access them at home.


Hello Butterflies and Ladybirds!
I hope you are all safe and well! Here is your challenge for this week:
Feel free to send me photos or ask questions if you need help 
Miss Wallaya (
If you have any questions, please send an email to
There are lots of websites with activities for children to enjoy. Click on the links below to explore.







Keep moving!

Try to get some exercise each day. Here are some links to help you at home. 

Join along with Joe Wicks

at 9am every day.

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