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Week commencing: Monday 6th July

Welcome to our home year 5 home learning page - please continue to send any queries, questions and examples of work through to us - email address is still

We are into week 6 of the term. We have 3 weeks until the summer holidays commence. It's such an odd feeling. In September, you will be in year 6 and be the role models for the rest of the school. 




Key learning updates for this week are as follows:

*UPDATED* - Maths tasks, writing task, spelling and reading for the week. Continue to send through examples of the work you are completing.

*BUMPER PACKS* - Brand new packs have been uploaded for you. Pick an activity or download and work through the packs. The choice is yours....

*WRITING TASK* - We want EVERYONE to complete this task this week and send it through via email to us. It's to write a letter to Mr Turner or Mr Curtis. Read below to find out more. 

*COMPETITIONS SECTION* - Have you entered any of the competitions in this section? If not, why not spend some time entering - you may just get lucky! There are books to be won at Waterstones including a new David Walliams book out in July. 

*NEW - Arts & craft activity: Create a paper bracelet* - Can you follow the instructions to create your own paper bracelet? It's quite a challenging task so allow for lots of time!

As always, please email through any pictures or examples of work. 

We have been unable to reach some of you by email/phone - please do 

get back to us if we leave you a message by email or by calling us

back on the school number.

Have a good week,

Mr Turner 



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Click on the link above to load up a bumper pack of maths activities all suited to the year 5 maths curriculum.
It might be you want to work your way through the pack or you might want to revise some areas of maths from the year so far. The choice is yours! There is lots of maths to do so whatever choice you make, enjoy!



Click on the link above to load up a BRAND NEW bumper pack of grammar and punctuation questions. This also includes the answers. It does say that this is a test - it's please don't download it and worry!
Download the resources to find out more about kitchen science activities. Remember to send any that you do through on email!
Spellings this week focus on all of the rules from year 5. Your task is to create some mind maps of these rules. 
We have had some wonderful letters sent through to us from last weeks task on the year 5 email. We haven't had many from Hedgehogs class through so if you haven't done so already, write a letter to Mr Turner/Mr Curtis about how you are feeling as we approach the end of year 5 and head towards year 6. 
This week's new task is - you have two different choices, continue the story that's been started or write your own ancient myth. You may choose to do one of the tasks or do both. As always, do send through any writing that you complete at home - we love seeing what you come up with!

*NEW* reading task

 Use the activities for Monday to Thursday this week which are below. Use the resources to help on the website which include video links. Worksheets are below and then the answers for each lesson are directly next to them. Please note for Monday's lesson, you may not be able to complete all the tasks. If this is the case, leave the ones you are unable to complete.

*NEW* Paper bracelet

Create your very own scratch game

Fancy some arithmetic practice?

Create your very own pinball game

This weeks home learning

Italian with Mrs Pritchard

Science with Miss Wallaya

Dear Foxes and Hedgehogs

I hope you are safe and well! Here is your challenge for this week:

Miss Wallaya (

Extra curricula tasks

Essential websites throughout the week to use

PE with Joe Wicks

Daily storytelling 

with David Walliams 

@ 11:00am 

Maths resources

English resources


Waterstones, the book shop, have lots of competitions every month. There are lots of books on offer to win for free! Mr Turner has entered this weekend - I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Why not enter? You might be the lucky one! have a range of compeitions on the website. One of the best at the moment is to design a gift card and send it to them. First prize wins £100 gift card from one for all which allows you to spend it in lots of different shops. Click to find out more!
National Geokids have loads of compeitions free to enter on the website link above. Prizes currently include books, games, board games and more! Enter for a chance to win!

Home learning hall of fame*

For something a bit different....

Suffering from FOMO?

You may have missed out on......May Half Term Holiday activities
We hope you have a fun and relaxing half term week but if you want a few things to keep you busy, have a look below.
Rainbow Toast.png
Rainbow Toast
Art Lessons
Strawberry Smoothie.png
Strawberry Smoothie
Hedgehog Cafe
Design a t-shirt
Exploring the Universe
Mini beast Hotel
Biscuit Baking
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