Year R Home Learning

Hello and welcome to your Year R home learning page!

This is a place where you can find essential and fun learning activities! We want to make this time as easy as possible for you so we have created a small and simple daily timetable.  Please do not feel like you have to use this at all it’s just here as a guide. Each week we will be updating the website with new and exciting learning activities for the children to access.


If you have any questions/concerns, please do not hesitate to ask and we will do our very best to support you.  We will be available to contact via email at:

Online Safety
You are probably spending a lot more time online than usual so it is really important that you remember the dos and don'ts when you are using the internet. The activities on the ThinkUKnow website are to do with an adult and are simple and quick and will explain how you can stay safe. 
Maths activities 

Phonics and reading activities and games!

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Please look at the MATHS and PHONICS below. It is very important to practise counting and using your phonics to sound out and read words.

This week's writing activities.....

Watch .....

Charlie Cook's Favourite Book

(click on the video below to hear the story)

What is your favourite book? Can you write about your favourite book?

Keep practising your tricky words!
click the image below for Tricky Word Sets 1 - 8

Our topic for this half term is...

We all love the stories of Julia Donaldson, The Gruffalo, Room on the Broom, Paper Dolls, Zog etc...

*The Smartest Giant in Town-

 Read the story and discuss the   characters and what happened. Can   you make your own boat and see what   will help it float? Write a sentence     about what happened to your boat.

*Room on the broom-

 Can you design and make your own   cauldron? What different materials   could you use? Be as imaginative as   you can! Can you decorate your   cauldron? Can you write your own   spell?

*Which is your favourite story? Why?

*Can you draw and describe your

  favourite character? Can you write a 

  new story about them?

Keeping Healthy!

It's really important that we keep ourselves really healthy! Here are some activities that you can do!

A book a week!
We definitely miss sharing stories together so lets all look at some activities from the same book and then share what we have been doing! Maybe you could tell us what you liked about the book and we can share it on here!
Here are some stories read by your teachers!

Get moving video links!

Our new Learning Project section

Miss Roughton has had the excellent idea to start weekly Learning Projects!

This week the project theme is food.

Please click on the link to download

this week's learning activities.

Illustrated Dinner

click here

Keep Talking!

Click here for the latest newsletter for children's speech and language

Explore the CBeebies website for lots of fun  and games! Click the link below.


Magic Maths activities and games!

Alphabet Charts and Diagraph and Trigraph Mats

At Moorlands we use Alphabet Charts and Diagraph and Trigraph mats as a table top resource. These help us lots with our writing across the curriculum!

These are also useful to help children with their homelearning. Please click on links below to access them at home.

This half term we are thinking about special books. 
Mr Kill's favourite special book is Ocean Star Express. This is because he used to read it to his little boy Archie when he was very small. 
Do you have a special book?
Why is it special? Will you always feel that your book is special? Why/why not? Will it still be special when you are grown up? Do you think you will get other books that will be more special? Are the same books special to everyone? What do you think about other people’s special books?

Caterpillar and Butterfly   Updates!

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