Council Crusaders

Welcome to Moorlands School Council Crusaders!

"Fighting for a better school…. centered around us because… every learner matters!"

School Council at Moorlands has recently had a remodel and this year we are excited to announce the new launch of Council Crusaders. 


What is a Council Crusader?

•Someone who is passionate and enthusiastic about making Moorlands the best School in the whole entire world.

•Someone who is confident to fight for what they believe in.

•Someone who isn’t afraid to have their say.

•Someone who is proud to be at Moorlands.

•Someone who can be a champion of others thoughts and opinions. 

Meet the Crusaders

Year 5 


Year 4 


Year 3 


Year 2 


What does a Council Crusader do?

Miss Perkins

Attend Council Crusader meetings to discuss how to improve our school.

For example:

How could we improve learning?

How could we improve playtime?

What equipment / resources could help us become better learners?

What activities or lessons would you like to see more of at Moorlands?

What would you like the next house treat to be?

What problems do we need to resolve?

•Attend meetings with Ms Potter, School Governors and friends of Moorlands to discuss / debate things you feel are important to help improve our school.

•You with the help of your fellow Crusaders and Miss Perkins will hold assemblies to feedback to your phases things that have been discussed in Council Crusader meetings.

•You with the help of fellow Council Crusaders may be asked to show round visitors to our school and welcome them to Moorlands life.

•If a new teacher or teaching assistant was to come for an interview at Moorlands you with the help of your fellow Council Crusaders might be tasked with asking them questions. Ensuring they are somebody that will fit into our school and who we would like to be taught by.

•Assist Ms Potter, Mrs Wright, Mrs Ross and Mrs Roughton on lunchtime duty.

•Your role is a very important job and comes with huge responsibility. You will be like the heart of our school. Ensuring everything is working and pumping ideas round to make us a better place to learn.


Year 6


Crusaders first breakfast meeting!


To an exciting year ahead!

We are excited to announce that we have started our first mission as Crusaders!

Mission: Tiny Human Handbook.


We are creating a Tiny Human handbook for new tiny humans starting at our fantastic school made by us! From one tiny human to another!

Watch this space!

Crusaders have been working hard on their first mission interveiwing Tiny Humans.


This week Crusaders had their first meeting with Ms Potter where we presented our Tiny Human handbook and... she LOVED it! It has been uploaded onto the front page of the website so check it out!


Ms Potter was so impressed we have already been set off on our next quest! Watch this space!


Crusaders have been super busy creating a Tiny Human passport for new tiny humans to collect stamps all around the school to help them find their way around school. 

Crusaders met to discuss operation SOS comes alive. 

They created a list of rules for the Reading Area, Chatterbox Area and the Shelter to help all tiny humans make the most of these areas whilst out at playtimes and lunchtimes. Crusaders then took these rules back to their classes to discuss and share them before making them finalised. 

Crusaders have come up with a great creative way to showcase how to play in these areas... Watch this space!



Crusaders Assemble! 

Crusaders of 2017-2018 will now begin recruiting the next Crusaders. Watch this space!




Crusaders 2018-2019 first Breakfast meeting!

Crusaders met with Mrs Wright this week for the first time and were set their first quest of the year. Watch this space.



After our very exciting news of joining the Core Reach Trust three of our Crusaders were invited to a very special photo shoot today with the Daily Echo.