Welcome to Moorlands School Council Crusaders!

"Fighting for a better school…. centered around us because… every learner matters!"

Council Crusaders

What is a Council Crusader?

•Someone who is passionate and enthusiastic about making Moorlands the best School in the whole entire world.

•Someone who is confident to fight for what they believe in.

•Someone who isn’t afraid to have their say.

•Someone who is proud to be at Moorlands.

•Someone who can be a champion of others thoughts and opinions. 

What does a Council Crusader do?

Attend Council Crusader meetings to discuss how to improve our school.

•Attend meetings.

•Hold assemblies. 

•Show round visitors to our School. 

•Help interview new teachers. 

•Assist with luncthime and breaktime duties. 

•A council Crusader has a very important job and a huge responsibility. They are like the heart of our school. Ensuring everything is working and pumping ideas round to make us a better place to learn.

Miss Perkins

Meet the Crusaders of 2021-2022

Getting our badges! 

We have already been hard at work filming a video about Resilience! We can't share it just yet... but look back soon!