Year 3

Dragonflies, Dragonflies we know who we are... Dragonflies, Dragonflies reach for the stars!

Travelling inside Non-Fiction...

Today we did the impossible. Today we took our learning to new realms of possibilities. Today we became literary heroes and used magic to travel inside non-fictions books based around Dragonflies to immerse ourselves in the text. It wasn't without risk but we were up to the challenge lead by our dragonfly chief! 

All our traveling and hard work paid of as we managed to gather enough research to write our very own Non Chronological report about Dragonflies. 


Finding our wings

We have been working hard this week to learn lots about one another. To explore our classroom. To get to know our new teacher Miss Perkins. We have been writing a class and playground charter.

Everything we have been doing is to ensure that Dragonflies are one big family that care and look after one another. 


If you would like a paper copy of any information found on the website please contact info@moorlandsprimary.net