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Miss Sewell's Story Telling
Here at Moorlands we know how much we love a good story time so every weekday I will be reading a story to you all via the website until we can be together again as our whole Moorlands family.
Lots of love
Miss Sewell

Hello everybody,

Thank you for joining me for my first story time read.

I do hope you enjoy the book. It might just sound a little fimaliar with a rather silly twist!


I hope you have been keeping yourselves busy. I've discovered the fun to be had joining in with Oti Mabuse's dance classes at 11.30 each morning!


We have a very special visitor for today's story time.


This book is a little bit silly, a little bit colourful and a little bit strange...

Hope you're keeping yourselves busy. This morning, I joined Joe Wicks online with his PE sessions. It certainly got my blood pumping!

Yesterday we heard the story of a rather stinky cheese, let's find out what interesting characters we're going to meet today....


Thank you for your patience. With a little bit of jiggery pockery, I've managed to get the video online.


I know there are lots of David Walliams fans in our Moorlands family so I hope you enjoy this story!

So Charlie has joined us again for today's story!

He's really enjoying getting to know lots of new and exciting characters. We've even caught him chuckling to himself at some of the funny bits!


So this will be my last story this term.


I've really enjoyed reading with you over the past couple of weeks. If we find ourselves still at home after Easter I will be back with more exciting, strange and funny stories to enjoy.


Until then I wish you all  a very happy and eggciting Easter! xxx

Welcome back everybody!


I hope you all had a very enjoyable Easter and have managed to make lots of special memories with your families.

Today's book is about some pretty roarsome characters! 

It's been another lovely sunny day and it's meant to be hotter tomorrow and Thursday. We've been so lucky but don't forget to get the sun cream if you're out and about.


Today we take on a bit of a galactic feel for today's story... 

Today I've found a book full of holes!


I'm rather excited.... let's see what it's  all


Hello everyone!

I hope we've all been banging our pots and pans tonight in support of our NHS heroes!


My dad has broken his wooden spoon from banging his pan too hard!!


I hope you enjoy tonight's story! xxx

So today I have rediscovered the love of crisp sandwiches as a treat! May favourite it salt and vinegar... yum yum. I wonder what delicious treats you've all been having?

Hello everybody, sorry for my time away.... I was a bit poorly but am feeling much better now. I've really missed story time so am very much looking forward to this one!

Hope you all have an amazing weekend and I will see you all again next week. Keep busy and enjoy all of the free resources there are online at the moment.... I'm learning the piano with the help of a free app at the moment.

I'm in school this week, working with children from keyworker households. I snuck into a classroom and found this brilliant book. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Heading 4

Tonight is another book which made me smile and has a rather prehistoric theme to it! Don't forget to cast your eyes upwards if you're still awake with it gets dark... you might just see a few comets zooming across the sky!

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