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Moorlands Big 5
I like working on my own and solving problems using my own resources. If I don’t know the answer, I like to find it somewhere other than asking my teacher. Working autonomously means I can feel proud of what I have achieved in the lesson because I did it myself.
I like it when I am challenged, facing something new or different. I like it when children feel challenged and push themselves to do something difficult.
I like getting feedback because it helps me improve. I like giving feedback because it means I have had to think about something in a different way and it might help that person!
I like questions because they help me learn. I like to think carefully about the question I will ask so it gets the most useful answer. I also like being asked questions too because it helps me understand what I know and what I don’t know yet!
I like it when I’m engaged. I’m paying attention, thinking, listening… It’s the best time to be learning. Engagement means that what I’m doing is interesting, exciting and means I’m really focused. I also like it when others are engaged with what I’m doing or saying.
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