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Moorlands Travel Page

Welcome to the Moorlands Travel page.

Here at Moorlands we encourage parents and children to leave their cars at home and to travel to school in a more active way. Not only does this remove cars from our already congested roads but also the health benefits are endless.

To encourage children to do this we provide safe and secure bike sheds for bikes and scooters to be stored whilst your children are busy learning.

To promote healthier travelling further, Moorlands participates in a nationwide award scheme called STARS .

We’ve joined the everyday walking charity, Living Streets’ WOW, year-round walk to school challenge. If your child walks, scoots or cycles to school at least once week they’ll be rewarded with a collectible badge at the end of the month.

This year’s theme - Walk the Americas – will teach pupils about the wonderful landscapes, animals, culture and history of the Americas. Living Streets has also created the WOW Walk To School app which you can use to bring the badge to life with fun games and virtual reality. The app can be downloaded from Play Store, Amazon and iTunes.

With WOW we aim to lower congestion outside the school gates, improving road safety for our pupils, and increase activity levels. If you live too far away from school to walk, you can Park and Stride and this still counts towards a WOW badge. If you’d like any more information about WOW visit

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