Welcome to our phonics page!

Our aim is to provide all the information you need in one place to support your child at home! Please visit regularly to pick up top tips and information!

What is phonics?

From an early age children develop awareness of different sounds in spoken language. They learn that spoken words are made up of different sounds (phonemes) and how to match these phonemes to letters (graphemes). Phonics is about children knowing how letters link to sounds (graphemes to phonemes), for example, c as in ‘cat’, ll as in ‘fell’, ee as in ‘sheep’.



We use a systematic phonics programme called Letters and Sounds.

Alphabet Charts and Diagraph and Trigraph Mats

At Moorlands we use Alphabet Charts and Diagraph and Trigraph mats as a table top resource. These help us lots with our writing across the curriculum!

These are also useful to help children with their homework. Please click on links below to access them at home.