This year, many of our children, parents and staff took part in a Christmas Shoebox Appeal 2019, organised by Southampton Rotary Club.  We wanted to thank everyone who made up a Christmas shoebox containing gifts or contributed an item to go towards this wonderful appeal.   All of the shoeboxes collected will be going to disadvantaged children in Albania, Montenegro, Moldova and Romania.  The children at Moorlands should feel very proud in the way they reflected upon this special cause, even though it was the first time we took part.  Thank you so much.  There will be very big smiles on many children’s faces this Christmas time.

Please take this message given by Southampton Rotary Club….”Even if you were unable to contribute to this worthy cause, there is one thing you must remember - a simple smile is a gift in itself…”. 



Children and staff at Moorlands celebrated this year’s Harvest Festival with a wonderful assembly given by Barry from Christian City Mission.  The children reflected on how our farmers work so hard during the year to provide us with such wonderful foods and vegetables to eat.  Very importantly, they also thought about people who struggle for food on a daily basis and their very kind donations were very much appreciated by Southampton Food Bank.  The foods collected will be package up and provided to those who are in need.  Thank you so much to each and everyone of you - you should all be very proud of yourselves.

He also told us how we can be safe at the seaside, by explaining what the flags mean at the beach, where we should go in the sea with our toys and how to get help if we need it or if we spot some one else in danger.

RNLI Assembly 
     July 2018

Brian from the RNLI came to Moorlands to tell all of us about the work that the volunteers do at the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institute) 

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the RNLI?

Sports Day 2018
A great day had by all the children, parents, teachers and even the South Today team! Thank you to every one who took part, helped out, supported and cheered. A special thank you to the guys from Learning Through Sport who made everything run so smoothly.
Christmas 2017

At Christmas this year we walked to Church... all of us!

...and as if that isn't enough, we also had carols in our woods!

We can't wait until next year!

We have spent today working together, being active and trying new things. We used all of our Secrets of Success to make the most out of this amazing day. Have a look at some of the amazing things we have done.
Grounds Studies
Christmas Guildhall
Gospel Workshop
Tambourine Rhythm and Dance
Wind in the Willows
Music and Recorders
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