Year 4

Platinum Jubilee Celebrations!


River Walk

What a lovely day we have had walking along the River Itchen! Year 4 represented Moorlands phenomenally during our river walk. During the walk, Woodpeckers learnt about various parts of rivers such as meanders, tributaries and the source. Everyone showed so much enthusiasm and are Itchen to start our Raging Rivers topic! 

Where does the food you eat go? 

Woodpecker's learnt all about the journey our food takes through our bodies in Science this week! We first identified each part of the body associated with the digestive system before familiarizing ourselves with each part's function.  

We then recreated the digestive system using a range of every day items! 

It was so enjoyable yet gut wrenching at the same time?

Take a look below at the amazing Woodpecker's replicating the digestive system.


We had a great day celebrating World Book Day 2022! 

Woodpeckers took a trip to Frogs Class this morning and were incredible learning role models. Each Woodpecker was paired with a member of Frog Class where they took it in turns to read to one another. It was a lovely atmosphere and we can't wait to return next week! Mr Heelas is very proud of

 all the Woodpeckers for showing how caring they are :) 

Everyone was suuuper cosy and excited in their pyjamas. Have a peep at the pyjamas worn today by our wonderful Woodpeckers!


 We even finished reading our class story 'Land of Roar' and can;'t wait to start a new book next week!