This year we started an initiative which will help our school move towards being more environmentally aware. 


Eco-warriors mission is to: 

'work across the school as a team to improve things such as recycling, reducing waste, saving energy and improving the school grounds and environment'. 


Below are the elected eco-warriors who are paramount in driving this cause. They will meet regularly with lead eco-warrior, Miss Wallaya, and come up with a plan which will be reviewed throughout the year.

We will discuss what they think the schools priorities are and work towards achieving these goals. 

New Recycling Bins

The eco-warriors requested that the school needed new recycling bins and met with the sight manager to ensure the correct clear plastic bags were ordered so that the recycling could be disposed of correctly and efficiently.  

We noticed that some recycling waste wasn't being disposed of correctly so designed posters to help children and adults make the right choices. 

Were working hard to reduce waste and increase awareness of how to be more eco-friendly. 

Litter survey

After carrying out a litter survey of the woods, we are delighted to announce only two pieces of rubbish were found.


We will be carrying out regular litter surveys to ensure our environment is tidy for children, adults and wildlife.  

Plastic Planet Assembly 

Eco-warriors invited the Forestry Commission into school to discuss plastic waste. The warriors introduced the assembly and welcomed our guest who told a story of the journey of a plastic bottle. 

The aim was to raise awareness of plastic disposal in our world and how we can work together and make better choices to ensure our planet is safe from harm. 

Meet Moorlands Eco-warriors!
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