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Foundation Curriculum
This page is currently under construction. We hope to have new documents and  curriculum information soon. 
Moorlands 50 Things
Everyone at Moorlands is different and everyone comes to Moorlands with a range of different experiences.  The teachers have created a list of 50 things that we want every child to have experienced or had the opportunity to experience before they leave Moorlands. The list includes a range of experiences and challenges that our pupils may not otherwise get to try.
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Each of the 50 things has been planned into the curriculum or as enrichment across all year groups so in each year the children will completed 6-8 of the things. Some of the experiences will be repeated many times during their life at Moorlands. The children will be given their own checklist version of the 50 things that will follow them through the school. They can then tick off the things they have done and see what they have to look forward to.
As this is only being launched this year, those children who are later in their Moorlands journey, sadly will not be able to achieve all of them. They will however, experience those assigned to the years they have left at Moorlands.
If you require any further information about our Curriculum please see your class teacher or e-mail
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