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The Reach Cooperative Trust has a shared identity through our commitment to safe and secure environments, which strengthen and sustain high standards and achievement for the communities we serve.


The Reach Cooperative Trust schools are:

Bitterne Manor Primary School –


Bitterne Park School – 

Moorlands Primary School – 

Redbridge Community School –


St Denys Primary School –

Townhill Junior School –

Woodlands Community College –


The vision we have for our Education Trust is of a strong partnership that recognises the uniqueness of each of the seven schools whilst sharing a common purpose around the following:

  • Develop outstanding learning and develop an outstanding quality of education for all our pupils and staff.

  • Increase the level of aspiration and opportunities for our community.

  • Realise the potential of all our young people in our community in academic, vocational and social learning.

  • Ensure excellent longer term employment prospects for our learners through a robust focus on future opportunities.

  • Provide an innovative curriculum across all phases with enrichment opportunities to develop the pupil’s knowledge and understanding of the world, raise self-esteem and promote well-being so each young person is both prepared academically and socially and have the vocational skills to succeed in the next phase of education or in the workplace.

  • Improve transition for our learners across each Key Stage.

  • Develop our education partnership to include our parents and the wider community

  • Develop partnerships with preschools, nurseries, colleges, universities, employers and apprenticeship providers.

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