Foxes -  Year 5

With Mr Turner & Mrs Venn

We have spent the early stages of our new topic during the Spring term researching about a greek god or goddess.

We have been using the internet to research them in our pairs to produce a brief fact file. We have been sharing these in class.

The children have been set additional topic homework for the term to conduct further research into Ancient Greece and the greeks. We are looking forward to seeing what they produce in the coming weeks.

Check back soon to see what they have produced!

Bird watch morning

Foxes took part in the national bird watch this morning along with the rest of the school. We braved the cold temperature outside for 1 hour observing the different birds over the playground between 11am and midday alongside our other year 5 class, hedgehogs.

We collectively saw a huge amount of birds and the most popular birds we saw as a class were the blackbird and magpie.

We will be interested to see the results for the school and the rest of the country when they are revealed!

Our Spring term class book – ICOSMO

Foxes voted for “I Cosmo” by Carlie Sorosiak to be our class book for the spring term. As you can see from the pictures, we are absolutely loving reading the text so far.

The text is all about a golden retriever called Cosmo. The blurb of the book says; “Cosmo’s family is falling apart. And it’s up to Cosmo to keep them together. He knows exactly what to do. There’s only one problem. Cosmo is a golden retriever.” The blurb was enough to entice the class to vote for the book in our “World Cup of Books” competition to decide our class book. I Cosmo received over 20 votes in the class ahead of the other books!

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