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Year 5


As part of our Science unit this half term, Year 5 have been comparing the nutritional content between shop bought and home-made items. To test this, we compared a Cheese and Pickle sandwich from the shop and then we made our own. The home-made sandwiches were significantly healthier in all areas! They may have been healthier but not sure on which presentation was better!

Food around the world event

As part of our 'Celebrating Differences' unit in PSHE, Year 5 have been planning, resourcing and producing a Food around the world event. The children (who were grouped) each picked a different culture to celebrate and baked a delicious sweet treat to sell. The event was such a success and we raised £164.40 for our chosen charity, Shelter.

Ancient Greek Art

Foxes have been taking inspiration, designing and then making their own Ancient Greek pot. The children had great fun practicing different techniques when using the clay.

T-shirt designs!

Foxes have been designing a t-shirt machine to make an individual t-shirt of their choice. The children had some amazing ideas and then brought them to life using fabric pens.