Year 1

Fabulous Frogs!

Even though we are not at school, Frogs Class have been doing some amazing learning at home! Have a look at some of the pictures and videos I have been sent. See if you can spot your friends!

World Book Day 2020

We celebrated World Book Day this year by dressing up as our favourite characters from books. We played Guess the Character, we did a Character Parade and we wrote about why we chose to dress up as our character. 

Have a look at our amazing costumes!


Marble Treat - Pyjama Party!

For our marble treats in both Spring terms we have had a pyjama party - the children loved it so much the first time, they asked for it again! The children have worked so hard and definitely earned their treat!

We played lots of games like sleeping lions, musical statues, just dance and we had lots of fun!

RSPB Birdwatch

We worked with our Year 4 buddies to search for different types of birds on the school field and counted them as we saw them. We also made birds together and did some lovely colouring with our buddies.

Tudor House Trip

We had lots of fun exploring all the artefacts, learning lots of new things about pirates!
We even got to dress up as some!
We also went around the city learning all about the history of pirates in Southampton!

Pirate Day - Ahoy Shipmates!!

On our pirate day we sung and danced to lots of pirate songs, we played 'The Key Game' and 'Pin the Patch'. We also went on a treasure hunt around the school! In the afternoon we painted ourselves as pirates.

Help! we've 

we've lost our


In Year 1 we received an urgent letter from the Natural History Museum.

It said:

Dear Moorlands,

we are so sorry to bother you but we think we have lost an ancient dinosaur bone somewhere near your school. Please can you help us find it?

Your teachers said you were very grown up and loved dinosaurs, so we thought you were the best people for the job.

Yours gratefully,

Chief Paleontologist - Poppy Anning

If you would like a paper copy of any information found on the website please contact