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How your Organisation can get involved with Moorlands Primary School. 

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Benefits of Partnering with Moorlands Primary

Building a partnership with Moorlands Primary can offer your company a multitude of advantages:

  • Fulfilling Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Goals: Show your commitment to the community by supporting local education.

  • Engaging Employees: Motivate your staff through volunteering opportunities and participation in school events.

  • Enhanced Public Image: Gain positive PR through association with a respected educational institution.

  • Investing in the Future: Help shape the next generation by supporting their learning environment.

Ways to Partner with Moorlands Primary

We offer a variety of ways for your organisation to get involved:

Event Sponsorship

Support our school events like fundraising fairs, sports days, or theatrical productions. Gain recognition through logo placement on promotional materials and local media coverage.


Contribute educational resources, art supplies, or playground equipment. Your generosity directly impacts the learning experience of our pupils.

Volunteer Programs

Engage your employees in team-building activities that benefit our pupils. Help with tasks like gardening, arts & crafts projects, or reading programs.

Careers Talks & Workshops

Inspire our pupils by sharing career insights. Professionals can conduct talks or workshops related to their fields.

Mentorship Programs

 Connect your employees with pupils who could benefit from guidance and role models.

In-Kind Donations

Provide services like website development, graphic design, or printing at a discounted rate.


Offer practical work experience opportunities to high-achieving pupils nearing graduation.

Contact Us

We welcome your interest in partnering with Moorlands Primary!  To discuss specific opportunities or tailor a program that aligns with your company's goals, please contact us at 02380 464404 or

Together, we can make a positive impact on the future of our community!

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