Art through Music

In Music Year 6 have been learning about the German film composer, Hans Zimmer, born in 1957.  Hans Zimmer is a Trailblazer composer because he has composed more than 150 films scores and been nominated for ten Oscars. 


Children have learned how Zimmer loves using technology, synthesizers, samplers and computers, as well as the orchestra and has helped to shape the sound of today’s film, TV and games music. 

He has written musical pieces for ‘Madagascar’, ‘The Lion King’, ‘Kung Fu Panda’ as well as Blue Planet II and Planet Earth II – two of his most popular scores!  Children have also learned how he uses driving rhythms, hypnotic chord patterns and electronic samples to create unique and powerful soundtracks, that have influenced a whole generation of musicians.

Art work

Children focused on Hans Zimmer’s orchestral piece of music called Earth.  They watched the full orchestral performance and were encouraged to draw what they think the music is describing.  They first focused on the quiet opening of Zimmer’s piece and drew the atmosphere around Earth, such as space, stars and other planets floating outside of the circle. They then focused on the middle of the music which is much louder, drawing the movement and action on our planet,  such as people rushing around, vehicles, buildings, cities.  Here are just some of the pictures children have imagined and drawn.


Children then went on to create their own piece of earth music by trying out different tuned and untuned percussion instruments.  They created a shimmer and short motifs using notes from a given scale.  They have also been able to write the musical notes on staves.

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