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Year 1

Year 1 Grounds Day

Year 1 had their very first grounds day! We spent the entire day learning outside! We sorted leaves, created nature pictures, built homes for animals and finally made nature bracelets. A cold but fun day!

Victorian Day

Year 1 have been learning all about Victorians! We spent our Victorian day doing drills, handwriting and learning poems. In the afternoon our class turned into a toy museum and we explored Victorian toys. 

DT- Designing our own vehicle

In DT we have been looking at mechanisms with a focus on wheels and axels. We started this topic with understanding that wheels move because they are attached to an axle. We looked at different wheels and axles and worked out how wheels work best. Then we deigned a vehicle that includes functioning wheels, axles and axle holders and labeled each part. Lastly we had fun making our designs come to life! Take a look:

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