Year 1

Merry Christmas
Purple Mash Help
Dinosaur Eggs!!
Andy has sent us some dinosaur eggs that we need to look after and then send to the museum. However, the museum do not know how to look after them so we need to write instructions to help the museum and keep the eggs safe.
What would you do to look after them?
Odd Sock Day 2020
We have worn odd socks to school to take part in Odd Sock Day as part of anti bullying week.
The odd socks celebrate that we are all different.
Clay Ammonites
Did you know that paleontologists are scientists that look for fossils? Newts do!
Did you know that fossils are the stone remains of something that was once alive, such as dinosaurs and plants?
Newts do!
Did you know that there is even fossil dinosaur poo?
Newts do! 
Did you know fossils can help us learn about the past?
Newts do! 
Newts used clay to make ammonite fossils - they had to shape the clay with their hands and use tools to add detail.
We have learnt about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. We looked for hinges in our classroom and talked about how a jaw is a hinge.
We then had jaws of a carnivore dinosaur to make. We knew it was a carnivore because of the sharp teeth that would be needed to rip the meat.
Describe the Dinosaur! 
Newts had fun looking at and describing the dinosaurs toys to start their new English unit.
We noticed the different features that dinosaurs had and began to think why they might have needed them.
We had lots of fun and are now feeling ready to read and write! 
After receiving a letter from a Dinosaur Museum all of Newts were very excited to see if we could find the lost dinosaur bone - and we did! 
We need to look after the bone now and while we are looking after it we will learn all about dinosaurs! 
Bone Discovery at Moorlands
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