Year 1

Buddy Work
Newts worked with a Buddy from Year 4 and together they made a Big 5 character.
Thank you Woodpeckers!
We have planned to work together again soon! 
                                                            Pirate Day
Our Treasure topic was launched with an exciting Pirate Day.
All the pirates participated in pirate singing, pirate dancing, navigating to find treasure, painting, role playing, pin the patch on the pirate and the key game! 
Happy Christmas from Newts class!
                   See you in 2020!
   Clay Fossils
We used clay to make our own clay fossils.
First we learnt more about how fossils are formed, then we shaped our clay, used clay tools to add detail and then needed to leave our clay fossils to dry.  
Science Dome Visit
We were very lucky to have a visit from the Science Dome. We had the chance to handle ammonites, fossilised dinosaur poo and watch animation of how different dinosaurs moved. We learnt how the world has changed since the time of the dinosaurs and how they were made extinct 65 million years ago! 
We are Paleontologists!
A Paleontologist came to visit us and allowed us to handle lots of bones and fossils. We learnt that when you find bones it can be like building a jigsaw puzzle to find out what the dinosaur would have looked like. 
                                     It was a wonderful afternoon - thank you Mr Hulme! 
Science and DT in Newts
In our Science lesson we learnt about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. We found out that a T - Rex was a carnivore because it ate meat.
In a DT lesson we learnt about hinges - we looked for them in our class and then made a dinosaur jaw. It needed to open and close so that it could eat. The teeth in the jaw were sharp like a carnivore! 
Emperor's Egg
As part of our English work on non fiction texts we found out about Emperor Penguins.
We watched a documentary about where they live, what they look like and how they try to care for the egg before it hatches.
We read the book Emperor's egg which gave us more information about how they keep the egg warm and how they care for the baby penguin.
Look at our super penguin paintings! 
Dinosaur Cards - Roar!!
In English we have been reading and following instructions and then we are going to write our own instructions. We began by following instructions on how to make a moving dinosaur card.
There was a lot to do - careful cutting, folding, sticking, joining and even making a slot for a lollypop stick! 
Look at some of our wonderful cards.
We are Newts class in Year 1
As part of our transition into Year 1 we have all drawn self portraits. We had to look closely at all the features on our faces so that we could get the shapes and sizes correct.
We are very proud of our art work!
We wonder how much we will change during Year 1?

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