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Secrets of Success
Try New Things
Successful people are always trying new things. They enjoy 'having a go'.
Work Hard
Children need to learn that there are no short cuts. It is all about the practicing, persevering and perfecting. If they are finding something tricky to understand, they know that working at it really helps.
To get good at anything, you need to concentrate. You need to learn how to concentrate and priorities to allow you to concentrate.
Push Yourself
We need to support children in taking risks even if there is a change they might fail. We need to teach children that everyone can learn from their mistakes.
Successful people imagine what things could be like. They ask lots of questions. They are creative in coming up with ideas, they like to improve their ideas and learn from their mistakes.
Successful people are always trying to make things better. They want to do their best and not rush. They take pride in their work.
Understanding Others
Successful people don't just think about themselves. They often think about others. They want to do things that are useful for other people. They understand other people, they listen carefully to other people and then make up their own mind. They are reflective.
Don't Give Up
Successful people have bad luck, set backs, failures, criticism and rejection. We want our children to be resilient and learn from mistakes. They persevere.
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